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Gathering Ideas to Hold Engaging Meetings

To start on a positive note - I have just completed the end of year staff reviews. During the meetings I asked for staff feedback as to whether or not a weekly meeting was too much. The general opinion was that our meetings are valuable, that they help the team to feel informed  and that they also allowed time for team building.  The Librarians  - the contents of the book drop worry me a bit! I hope that, our meetings are slightly more engaging than the Middleton Interactive Learning Centre's, however, I have been gathering ideas to make them even more engaging. What we already do Have an agenda that everyone can read and add to prior to the meeting Make the minutes of all meetings easily accessible Ask a different staff member to speak about something informative each week - not necessarily about work!  What we could do better Stick to the timings on the agenda Be less repetitive Rotate minute takers Make the meeting norms more explicit Have a